Produced by Chris Kimsey (Rolling Stones)
Edited by Richard Gartland
Special thanks to Andy Treacey, Simon Saynor, Foundry Photography and Mark Lorraine Photography.

As featured on Huw Stephens Radio 1 Show, as his pick of the week. Listen to the link here:

The full “We Were Born” EP will be available on general release on the 28th March. Extra exclusives are available from today via Pledge:…

The Gromble – Slam (Free Download!)

Go now
Slam your head into the clouds
Slow drown
Only I could drag you out
Float now
Without us bricks weighing you down
Grown out of all desires left lying around

I know that I can fake it
I know that I can make this alive

Dumb shit
Hippie conduit for sale
My wits
Left to chase your paper trail
Every little monster’s gotta feed
This one’s been devouring me
I have never moved at slower speeds
As when a heavy heart’s in need
Hear me

I know that I can fake it
I know that I can make this alive

Never been so frightened by the sound
Of a spark dying out now
Safe to say that i won’t get around
It’s time to put it in the ground
Believe you me

I know that i can fake it
I know that I can make this alive

BigDee – ‘Susan’

Ambitious Italian rock musician BigDee is the unique project of an innovative songwriter, creating a rule bending blend of classic rock and roll and a new model for the music industry.

Influenced by timeless rock music from the USA and the UK, BigDee produces top quality original rock and roll music made in Italy. For just a small taste of his classy, and classic, style, check out his track ‘Susan’.

Full of thumping rhythms and crunching guitars, his is the sound of a rock musician working to create truly inspiring new music that is built to be pulled apart and enjoyed time and again. Challenging himself to consistently write new songs that stand the test of time and quality, BigDee is an artist who is always pushing boundaries.

And it’s not just his music that sets him apart.

BigDee’s innovative distribution model sees him refuse to conform to the release of ‘singles’ and ‘albums’. Instead, fans of his music can subscribe to receive his new music directly with new, original rock songs available every 6-8 weeks. With a one-off subscription of €10, rock music fans can enjoy a lifetime subscription to new music from BigDee. You can subscribe here:

Finding no use for the traditional (read: old) forms of promotion, BigDee instead relies on word of mouth to bring people to his web pages, and encourages people to simply enjoy the music before subscribing forever with a one-off fee.

It’s an approach that is definitely working. With support from radio in Italy and the US, BigDee is now looking to bring his industry expanding ideas to the UK. Check out the websites below, and subscribe to BigDee now – your reward will be regular doses of old fashioned rock and roll.


Official site:

Facebook Page: