Naomi – Rivers Run

Music video by Naomi performing Rivers Run
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Director: Jim Lang
Producer: Jud Mahoney
Written by: Naomi, Jud Mahoney, John McLaughlin

19 year old Naomi (formerly known as ‘Caleidra’) first appeared on TV after a song she wrote for her GCSE music exam led to her being featured on ITV Daybreak and Granada Reports, and in UK National newspapers who described her as: ‘Musically gifted’ (The Independent) ‘A grade A hit’ (The Metro) ‘A bright future ahead’ (The Times) ‘Something special’ (The Guardian) ‘Gifted Teenager’ (Indie Music Mag) ‘She looks like a pop star, she sounds like a pop star’ (ITV) ‘Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant!’ (BBC Radio) ‘Teen Star’ (Mizz Magazine) ‘Talented Songwriter’ (Music Week) as well as Huffington Post, Manchester Evening News and Oldham Chronicle.

She was spotted on TV by one of the world’s most successful producers, John McLaughlin (Busted, 911, Westlife), who together with Dave Thomas and Jud Mahoney (Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Chris Brown) went on to produce her first 4 track EP ‘Another Day’ written by Naomi.

In 2014, Naomi signed a publishing deal with A&G Songs and the song ‘Start Again’ which Naomi wrote and performed was selected by the UK company ‘Talk Talk’ for their UK Home & Broadband marketing campaign across television, radio and online media.

She has performed live on BBC Radio Manchester & BBC Radio Sheffield and played over 52 concerts to over 15,000 youngsters, twice playing The Etihad Stadium in Manchester, to over 7000 people at the Oldham festival and at ‘G in the Park’ and the West End Festival in Scotland. On top of all that, Naomi currently hosts her own radio show every Saturday on North Manchester 106.6 FM.

New EP ‘Take Back the Power’ coming April 22nd.

Video: Magazine Gap – ‘What’s That About?’

The official music video for the original and brand new song by Magazine Gap: “What’s That About?”

This song is about that feeling you get that something you read or see doesn’t feel right, and the sense that there are nefarious reasons! (Lyrics below)

Music by Magazine Gap
Lyrics by James Keen
Produced & Arranged by Brian McCook

Magazine Gap are:
James Keen – Vocals & Guitar
Alex Ho – Piano
Brian McCook – Drums & Percussion

Amadu Koroma – Bass Guitar
Binker Golding – Saxophone
Jeffrey Brown – Trumpet
Rustom Pomeroy – Violin
Catriona Parker – Violin
Laurie Anderson – Viola
Dominic Pecheur – Cello

Recorded at Livingston Studios & Westpoint Studios, London
Engineered by Joe Fields

Mixed by Brian Moore at Redbooth Recording Studio, New York

Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis Studios, London

Filmed at Resident Studios, London
Videographers – Peppe Fazzolari & Joshua Galinato


Don’t you find that there are times when things just blow your mind
And you feel that someone somewhere has to explain
As you wonder of the agenda that lurks behind
All the while you’re just thinking, here we go again

So what’s the story, what’s the deal, well that’s the question
And the best that you can hope for are some straight answers
You will find that there will be a lot of misdirection
So you got to just cut through the smoke and mirrors

No, you don’t want it, you don’t need it – something’s going on
You can feel it, you can sense it – right or wrong
Things are said and things are done that raises doubt
Leaves you hanging, and having to ask – What’s That About?

It doesn’t add up, it doesn’t make sense, no it’s out of line
When you know that they set up some algorithm
Gotta know why, gotta find a good/strong light to shine
Cos you won’t just accept it’s a glitch in the system

Middle 8:
Just an actor in the theatre of the strange and the absurd
A player, not a playwright, not given the last word
Can’t stage your own exit, or escape with some dignity
So dig deep, stand fast, and try to solve this mystery

No, you don’t want it, you don’t need it – something’s going on
You can feel it, you can sense it – right or wrong
Things are said, things are done – raises doubt
Leaves you hanging – What’s That About?